General Railroad Information

The information below is very useful in getting familiar with railroad jargon.

You find it helpful in researching you favorite railroad or just curious about terminology.

1. Definitions – All railroad terminology  definitions
2. Kay-Dee Conversion – HO-Scale Coupler conversion list. Kaydee Coupler Conversion List
3. Locomotives – Total number of locomotives in service on all “steam railways” Locomotives
4. Marks – Identifying marks for all railroads. marks
5. Wheels – American Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangement. wheels
6. Floquil Reference. Reference Material
7. Floquil Color Chart. Floquil Color Chart
8. Rail Transport Modelling Scales. Rail transport modelling scales
9. Micro Fasteners list of nuts, bolts, etc.. Micro Fasteners

10. Construction and Disputes of Railroads.